Rice milling equipment and Engineering

Rice milling equipment and complete sets of rice processing equipment with a daily output of 10-200 tons.

Corn milling project

Corn milling engineering has good processing function, high efficiency, good powder quality and strong adaptability. Reasonable structure, easy operation and reliable quality.

Rice starch Engineering

Raw material treatment of rice starch Engineering 1 - 15 tons / The yield of starch was 0 .5 - 8 tons / Hours.

Equipment warehouse

The equipment warehouse is not only beautiful, but also has high precision, good compatibility, high strength, easy assembly, good fit and strong airtightness.

Thermal insulation warehouse

The thermal insulation steel silo can keep the grain storage condition at a low ambient temperature, meet the grain storage stability, and achieve the purpose of long-term safe grain storage.

Bulk grain port machinery and equipment - ship loader

Bulk grain port machinery equipment ship loader adopts the mature port bulk grain transport machinery loading and unloading technology at home and abroad, supporting environmental protection system

Poultry Farming

Poultry breeding specifications: each cage is 1.40 meters long, 0.38 meters high and 0.7 meters wide.


Concentrate production equipment output: 3-20tpd, raw materials: soybean meal, peanut meal, etc.

Palm kernel oil press

The production capacity of palm kernel oil press: daily treatment is 70-100t h, the oil residue rate of dry cake is 8-13%, and power is 315-400kw.

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